Smile, Dammit

Think being positive is what people with yoga pants and green hair do? Howard Feldman is about to prove you wrong…

When someone tells you to smile, you have a choice. You can either smile, or you can mentally note down that person’s location so the assassin knows where to find them. Which makes Howard Feldman’s new book ‘Smile, Dammit’ a risky move in a world that’s tired of the forced grin and faux beam. However, this book isn’t about shoving positivity into your life by any means necessary. It’s a book gives people realistic and relevant tools that they can use to embed a positive mindset into their daily lives.

“When I started this book, someone asked me whether anyone would actually want to buy yet another self-help on positivity,” says Howard Feldman, speaker, author and radio personality. “Her question is the very reason this book is important – it reflected a thought process that’s affecting so many of us today. We all want to be optimists. We all want to confidently get through tough situations and recognise that these are not negative reflections of who we are. But for many of us this is far easier to say than to do.”

Optimistic people live longer, have happier relationships and are financially better off. They also seem to have access to some secret life recipe that ‘normal’ people don’t. One that allows them to face setbacks with a mindset that isn’t swallowed by the hardships but rather one that is capable of riding over, and with, them.

“There’s no secret recipe, no magic formula for optimism,” says Feldman. “It takes hard work and a commitment to thought processes that build personal resilience and refuse to see the negative approach as an alternative. This book is as much a look into the minds of the successful optimists as it is a guide to changing your own life in your own way, at your own speed.”

To find out more about Smile, Dammit and the methodology that’s outlined in this realistic, solid and uplifting book, join Howard Feldman in conversation with Mandy Wiener at the exclusive launch at Exclusive Books Sandton on 30 May 2019. Time is 18:00 for 18:30 and seats are limited – email to book your space.